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Commercial Trucking Insurance Cargo Protection Policies

Along with the necessary policies that must be purchased for minimum commercial trucking insurance coverage, there are also some additional policies designed to protect your cargo and freight while hauling it. It only through purchasing complete coverage that you can protect yourself from the full array of damages that could occur in an accident.

Cargo Insurance

The basic commercial truck insurance policies only cover the actual truck and driver in the event of an accident. In order to fully protect yourself, you must also realize that other parts of your business need coverage. The most obvious piece of coverage is cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance protects not only the freight that is being shipped in case of a spill, but also the damage that this could cause to other drivers. Sometimes, the cargo is actually the most dangerous element of the truck to fellow motorist on the road.

Purchase cargo insurance if you want extra protection for your freight or if you carry particularly dangerous materials that could be a hazard to other drivers.

Aggregate Insurance

Aggregate is a special blend of rock, dirt, concrete, gravel and asphalt used in construction. This haul tends to be relatively cheap and very durable, so it is not as difficult to insure. Aggregate insurance, or aggregate haulers insurance, is designed to be less expensive due to the nature of the cargo. It is understood that aggregate must be properly transported in a closed container, but at the same time there is very little potential damage from an accident. Whereas a driver carrying wood, cement or glass could damage their cargo in an accident, aggregate haulers can basically just scoop up their lost cargo if an accident were to causer spillage.

General Freight Insurance

General freight insurance typically cover somewhere between $10,000- $100,000 worth of

Sep 13

How To Choose A General And Life Insurance Companies

When it is about choosing an insurance company, reliability should be given more importance as against your expenses. Be it a general insurance or a life insurance that you need, reputation of the insurance company should be the main criterion to choose the best company for your needs. This article talks about things to be kept in mind before choosing a life or general insurance company.

Financial stability of your insurance company

How does it feel when you have been paying your house insurance premium regularly and the insurance company fails to pay your claims when your house gets damaged? Whether you want a life insurance or a general insurance, dont forget to enquire about the financial stability of your insurance company before you buy your insurance from them. This is to make sure that your insurance company actually has enough liquidity to pay your claims when the time comes.


Although price forms a significant basis to compare various life and general insurance companies, reputation of an insurance company forms a more important basis of comparison. Make sure that the existing clients of your insurance company are happy with their customer service. Check the past records of the insurance company to make sure that it also has a good reputation as far as the settlement of claims is concerned. Make sure that your insurance company is not among those that cause unnecessary delays in payment of claims.

Research work

Price quotes of various life and general insurance companies can be compared in order to find the most economical insurance plan. You should also pay attention to the distinct features of various insurance plans in order to select the one that best suits your requirements. This makes it very important to first assess your own insurance needs and then start

Sep 12

Points To Remember While Buying Health Insurance

General insurance are those which cover aspects of our lives that are not covered by life insurance. There are many insurance policies that come under the gamut of general insurance. Among these is health insurance or commonly known as mediclaim. Health insurance is the ideal add on to your life insurance policy as it takes care of your well being while you are ill or hospitalized. The difference between health insurance and life insurance can be summed as follows.

Health insurance provides benefits while you are alive.
Life insurance provides benefits after your demise.

Thus, one must be able to gauge from this the importance of health insurance. Therefore, it is imperative on everybody to have an effective mediclaim policy, moreover a policy that suits the need in the most appropriate manner. Health insurance provides a wide range of services under its aegis. For instance, it covers the expenses of hospitalization as well as pre hospitalization, an ideal way to safeguard the health of your family during a medical exigency. Once you have bought a mediclaim policy it will get you benefits ranging from medical test to prescription drugs and everything in between including treatment services. The insurance provider will provide these multitudes of benefits in lieu of the premium that we ought to pay regularly in order to keep the policy running. Any lapse in the premium payment will make the policy worthless leaving you exposed to uncertainties. Thus we must make sure to pay our health insurance premiums on time in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones secured.

Before you buy a mediclaim plan, you must take in to cognizance some of the important points discussed below, as they will help you in selecting a health insurance plan that is best for you.


Sep 12

Compare Term Life Insurance and the Various Forms of Term Life Insurance

Most people know by now that term life insurance rates have been declining for about ten years. However, it appears that they may be on the rise again. If you do not have life insurance at the moment, it would be wise to compare term life rates now and get the insurance you need for your family while it is still affordable. One thing that you will find when you compare term life rates is that there will be differences across the board. The reason for this depends on many factors. The first would be your particulars like your health, age, and lifestyle factors such as smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption and so on. After that, the type of term life you apply for and the reputation and competitiveness of the company you use will be key factors in the cost of your insurance. Term life insurance is also bought in blocks. Though you can purchase term life insurance for a year, term life is most commonly sold in blocks of five year periods. Once your current term life policy expires and you renew your policy, the premium will change according to all the factors listed above and the current market trends at the time of purchase. You will also find term life insurance that require medical exams and the ever popular term life insurance plans that do not require taking a medical. You can get instant coverage online by successfully answering a few qualifying questions. Non-medical or medical requirements will affect the premium rates as well.

With the economy as volatile as it is, many people are turning to mortgage term life insurance. These policies will guarantee full payment of your mortgage should your die before the mortgage has been paid off. This type of insurance is a level term insurance.

Sep 12

Australia, Obesity, And Income Protection Insurance

Overweight and obesity have major impacts on health and that means that if you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30, income protection insurance is well worth further consideration. Here’s why.

Overweight, obesity and health
A preference for high fat, high sugar foods is all too human it comes from a time when we could be left without food for days at a time, without warning, and need to store fat to stay alive. However, in today’s environment, following our natural inclinations has serious health impacts. Overweight and obese people are at increased risk of :
Heart disease
High blood pressure
Kidney diseases
Some types of cancer
Sleep apnoea
Polycystic ovarian syndrome

This is why income protection insurance is so important your weight makes it far more likely that you’ll suffer a disability that lasts a lot longer than your employer provided sick leave. Income protection insurance doesn’t improve your health but it does help protect your family, your assets and your sanity in the event that you get sick or are injured.

Income protection rates and being overweight
While being overweight may have a modest impact on your income protection insurance rates, it generally isn’t the difference between a policy being affordable and unaffordable.

If you need to cut down your income protection insurance rates to compensate for the increase due to your weight, you can:
Compare quotes from several income protection insurance companies
Choose a longer waiting period
Choose a shorter benefit period
Choose to have your income assessed at claim time, rather than providing proof of income when you begin your policy

Additionally, one of the rays of hope that overweight and

Sep 11

Health Care Insurance A Good Tax Saving Investment

Medical care is a fundamental right of every individual and it is the duty of every government to take care of the health care needs of its citizens. Keeping this in mind, the Indian government is promoting health care insurance among the masses as it offers tax saving under Section 80 (D) on purchase of health care plan, thus making it a good tax saving investment too. A person can enjoy tax benefit on the premium paid up to Rs 15000 in a financial year. An active role of government in the health care sector has promoted many health care providers to come forward and offer different plans to people as per their requirement and budget. The privatization of managed care has helped millions of people fulfill their responsibilities in their worst time.

Cashless Hospitalization: If refers to direct settlement of bills between the health care provider and the hospital if the hospital is on network coverage. The bills are settled up to the extent of sum insured.

Critical Illness coverage: If your policy has critical illness rider then you are entitled to receive lump sum money for recovery (if the illness is listed in the list of critical illness in your plan) apart from hospitalization expenses. This helps you meet with ease your other financial liabilities simultaneously with medical expenses.

Easy settlement process: If the hospitalization occurs in non network hospital, the health care provider reimburses the expenses up to the coverage limit on the submission of the listed documents. The settlement process generally does not exceed 60 days from the time of submission of all the documents.

Day care hospitalization: Due to technological revolution in health care sector, day care procedures not requiring 24 hrs of hospitalization are also covered.

24×7 assistance by skilled staff: A helpline offering

Sep 11

Advantages Offered By Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Leasing lands to hunters and fishermen is becoming more and more common throughout the Unites States as landowners seek additional income or desire to reduce the damage done to their crops by deer and wildlife populations. When hunting and fishing land is leased, it is typically no longer a handshake deal, but requires the use of a written hunting lease agreement between the parties. A hunting lease agreement is a formal on-paper agreement between the landowner and an individual hunter or a group of hunters, granting them access to the land for a specified time period at a pre-determined price, and often for a particular type of game animal. In many states, hunting lease liability insurance is mandatory along with a hunting lease agreement.

Hunting lease liability insurance: Hunting liability insurance is a special policy designed to safeguard both the landowners and the hunters by offering liability coverage against hunting related accidents that could possibly result in a lawsuit.

Advantages of getting insured: As hunting liability insurance is quite useful to both landowners and hunters as outlined below:

For hunters
Mishandling of firearm/misfire: Even with experienced sportsmen and women, firearm related accidents can happen. Typically either the hunter mishandles his weapon and injures himself or another member of his hunting party or another hunter is shot because he is mistaken for an animal. Though a hunter mishandling and injuring himself or a family member may not result in liability, injuring another hunter will most likely result in a liability claim. Hunting lease insurance covers against all such liability claims, typically up to $1,000,000.

Fire accidents on the property: Sometimes activities as simple as a campfire can destroy or damage buildings on the property, causing great loss to the landowner. Hunting lease insurance provides financial assistance to the hunter

Sep 11

Compare Motor Insurance Online In Dubai

Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and comparing services provided by different insurers is sensible. A good way to do this is through word of mouth, viz a viz, friends or colleagues and you can expect good reviews on prices and the claims service. Inquire about their claims history with their insurer and how these have been paid for.

Another easy and more credible way is to compare motor insurance online in Dubai. By Searching for car insurance companies online, you can easily compare quotes and offerings in a matter of minutes. Begin by short listing a mix and match of local and international companies and then comparing their prices and offerings.You will be amazed on how different they are!

Choose a company that provides 24 hour online support to its customers. From procuring quotes to purchasing policies and making claims, international insurers have robust IT systems and processes that ensure the ultimate convenience to the customer. You may also notice that international insurance companies give their customers an option of instant quotes, especially for motor insurance. With this option, a quote can be generated in a matter of seconds!

Most international insurers will provide comprehensive covers for a reasonable price with maximum protection. Speak to your insurance advisor to understand what covers best fit your needs. Claims free drivers are also given excellent offers and discounts on their car insurance. Not only that, they may also extend discounts to other products such as home, travel, personal accident, yacht, golf and medical insurance.

Opt for an international insurer with a good customer service reputation offering support via their call centre, website and branches. This not only assures you have convenient options to get in touch with them but also translates to quick assistance during an emergency or incident. Compare

Sep 10

Florida Auto Insurance Rating Factors To Review

If you are a resident of Florida, chances are you carry Florida Auto Insurance to satisfy the financial responsibility laws that are mandated by the state. While you are paying insurance premiums on a monthly or annual basis to in order to drive legally in the state, you may not understand why your premiums are higher than those of your friends are and family. Many drivers assume that their auto insurance premiums are strictly based on their driving record and the age of their vehicle. While these are factors that are considered during the underwriting of an auto insurance policy, there are a number of other factors that play a role in the premiums you pay. It is important to understand how your policy is rated to ensure you are being charged accurately. Review the rating factors below to understand how they affect your auto insurance rates.

Garaging Territory

They are where your vehicle is primarily parked or stored is the area in which your policy will be rated. While some drivers may not understand why their zip code is more expensive than a neighboring zip code located only 5 miles away, territories are based strictly on statistics. If there are a higher rate of comprehensive claims in a specific area, rates will be affected. It is important to review your auto insurance policy if your vehicle is parked at a different location than you live. If you are being rated at the wrong zip code, chances are your premiums are not accurate.

Vehicle Usage

Vehicle usage is also extremely important when calculating premiums for Florida Auto Insurance. There are three different types of vehicle usage in terms of insurance purposes: pleasure, commute and business. Pleasure ratings mean that the insured does not drive the vehicle to work or

Sep 10

How to Sort Out Your Grievances Against Insurance Agency Conveniently

There are many perturbed souls who are wronged by their insurance company and run from pillar to post to get the justice. Here discussed is a quick look at what you should when you are caught in a difficult situation.

Insurance is the first thing that creeps into your mind when you think of a secure future. No wonder to get insured is your top most priority. But, there are many perturbed souls who are wronged by their insurance company and run from pillar to post to get the justice. Thanks to the Indian Government which has given teeth to the insurance ombudsman and the entity can defend the interest of the policyholders who are duped by the insurers. Let us take a quick look at what you should when you are caught in a difficult situation.

Grievance Redressal Officer

All the insurance companies have a grievance cell and the first thing that should be done is to approach the officer and file a complaint. The complaint should be given in black and white and the requisite document should be enclosed with it. It is very essential to take an acknowledgement of the complaint which should have the date written. It is the duty of the insurer to address the issue in three working days and resolve it in the time-span of a fortnight. Complaint with the IRDA

Once the insurance company has tried to resolve the issue, and if still, the beneficiaries are not satisfied, then they can file a complaint with the Grievance Redressal Cell in the Consumer Department of the IRDA. They can be contacted through phone or email or a fax can also be sent. Contact Ombudsman

If the insurer does not revert in 15 days, or if the beneficiary is not satisfied with the

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